Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Konnect to life

‘Konnect to life’ is an initiative aimed at helping the school students develop a positive attitude and a well rounded personality, to be able to successfully meet the challenges ahead. The workshops have been designed keeping in view the special concerns of youngsters in the 13-18 years age group. The interactive modules include group activities, discussions and Q & A sessions so as to facilitate an awareness and acceptance of ‘SELF’ , develop decision making and problem solving skills and help enhance positive self esteem.
Developing effective communication skills and interpersonal skills is a major thrust area of this programme. The philosophy underlying this initiative is not to direct the students as to what they should or should not do. Rather the idea is to motivate and empower them with the capability to decide the most suitable future course for them and take responsibility for the choices they make. This programme facilitates the process of enabling the students recognize their potential and be eventually able to fully realize it.
In a nutshell, this programme prepares them for the journey called life and attempts to equip them with the necessary life skills so that they can successfully take on the challenges at every step.
  • Design of the workshop
  • Understanding Self
  • Managing Self
  • Face-to-Face (listening to an Icon)
  • The Road Ahead (Planning for the Future)

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